gap trap

07. June 2000: tactic from MacMark
If Your opponent's Harvesters have to drive through gaps (bridges e.g.), block the gap with a Stealth-Tank.The Harvester keeps standing in front of the stealth and gets a kill. You should use more Stealth-Tanks if there are some forces in vicinity. Not to attack them but to kill the Harvester faster.

Addition from AcerNod: "By the way a strategy hint for you I use for games that last longer then butt whooping you gave me. If you play nod on tiberuim Gardens and you use your stealth tanks to block certain entrances to the middle field or the little allies of tiberium, your opponents harvesters have to go the long way around, they usually don't notice this, and it causes a money strain and they usually don't figure it out right away."

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