GA Expansion Supplement

2001-08-07: tactic from ElPaladin
GA Expansion vs GDI Tank Rush
(For Intermediate GA Expanders looking to go over the top)

Not too long ago I was taught the GA Expansion strategy for NOD by a guy named all Buggys. While difficult at first, I found after a while that I was getting the hang of it, and I was able to quickly develop my own sub strategies for different strategy matchups. For instance, versus other NOD opponents, I would take a reactive stance and wait for them to attack into me, etc. But that's child's play. Soon I found that winning against Tank Rushers can be difficult as their tanks can easily overpower the extremely light units of NOD. So, to defeat the GDI opponent, I have begun taking a very proactive stance of attack, killing their War Factory just as it comes up.

First, start with the standard GA Build of Deploy, Power, Hand of NOD, 5 Minigunners while building a Refinfery. But instead of stopping at 5 Minigunners, keep building them until you have about 15 and then build 2-5 Flamethrower Infantry. Now during this time, you should be finding their base. Once you have found it, and have 15 minigunners, take 10 of them, the Minigunner you started with, your two tanks, and attack their forces. Then, take your Flamethrowers and attack their Power Plant and Factory. By the time your attack on those things are finished, you should have an Airstrip. At this point continue with a Standard Expansion, bringing in a few buggies to destroy any opposing infantry that get in your way. By this time, your purse should be very full, and they will be very far behind. Do not sit around, keep sending in waves of 5-7 Buggies and beating them should be no issue.

Note: If they build Grenadiers for early defense, make a couple more Flamers, and use them to take out the Grenadiers. Also, if the initial attack of Tanks and infantry fails (which it shouldn't) build a few Recons and Buggies and GET THAT FACTORY!!!

Note: 3 Units is a must, if you have less you get only the two tanks, which leaves you in a weaker position as far as scouting goes. If you have more, they will get and an MRLS, which will ruin your Infantry assault, and will also maul the Artillery you get. 3 is a must!

MacMark's comment: Taking out GDI's - made out of paper - weapons factory as fast as possible is both, common knowledge since the beginning of this game in 1995 and correct. But thanks for pointing it out again. During the past years many tactics were published that try to prevent NOD from destroying GDI's base and especially the weapons factory e. g. GDI stands NOD. The other thing is, GA Expansion was created by Oompah.

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