flamethrower infantry rush

12/02/97: tactic from MacCB
09/26/98: add on from Poibu
There is another strategy I've been using, it is extremely effective and very difficult to counter. However, I really dislike winning with it (no fun). (MacMark: For the same reason I posted "Dead Bang!" here. I want opponents who can counter it.) It works best with NOD but can be used with GDI with success. This is pretty much a 9999 credit strategy.

Start making all the Flamethrower Infantry You can and explore the map.

Not necessary but can save Your ass if it takes too long to find the other player.

More is effective, but can leave You exposed to a counter attack.

Use Your helicopters to support Your infantry by killing his infantry, and light units. Obviously his Power Plants are the main target. Normally I have about 5 to 10 Flamers attacking with the copters and it takes so little time to waste a city.

At this point the player needs to decide upon how he is going to build, if he has trouble finding the other player it's best to build an Airfield and another Refinery. Overall the early copter game is extremely effective.

MacMark: With NOD -as stated above- this strategy works better than with GDI. Apaches kill infantry easy, Orcas do a bad job on them. As GDI use Grenadiers instead of Flamethrower Infantry.

Well I do agree with what You said about it not being to fun to win with the flame guy rush, it is at least fun to win. I have 2 changes to the rush. Here's how I play it out: Build

After I have a Hand of NOD I scout around while I continuously pour men out. Build

I find 1 Refinery does just fine because the game ends fast. Build

3 helis are way better then 2 because they can waste a Construction Yard or a Guard Tower in one trip.

While I'm building all this I trickle men through his base just keeping him occupied while I build the helis. Then I come in with the choppers. He will think I'm chopper rushing him and build rocket guys which have no chance against flame. And if he doesn't think it's a chopper rush use the helis to blow apart his infantry.

If he gets a Weapons Factory / Airstrip built what You need to kill it right away. Especially if he's GDI. Those Medium Tanks can take a beating even from the choppers.

So that's pretty much how I do it. It only constantly loses to someone who is really good and fast with the Engineer / APC rush.

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