flame tank rush

tactic from MacMark
A fast win for NOD versus NOD. I use the weakness of Recon Bikes versus fire. 2-3 Flame Tanks can kill 10 Recon Bikes in seconds. You need an Airfield and a Communications Center for building Flame Tanks.

Build so:

In the mean time build Recon Bikes explore the map and attack Your opponents Harvesters or lonely units. Sell the Communications Center as soon as You build it (You only need to have it one time for Flame Tank building), build all the Flame Tanks You can.

If You run out of money sell Your Construction Yard and later one of Your Airfields. Your power supply drops into the yellow, but You can build as fast as in green. Use the outcoming Minigun Infantry as protection for Your base. Remember: Infantry kills Recon Bikes.

Use the Flame Tanks and all other vehicles to kill Your opponent. Flame Tanks are great versus Harvesters, buildings, Recon Bikes, Stealth Tanks, SSM Launchers, infantry.

If You play a map with narrow natural entrances use Your units to block the entrances. Don't let Your opponent see, what is coming. His surprise is then much greater.

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