easy going

tactic from MacMark
Abstract: This strategy is for GDI, but should work for NOD too. You destroy Your opponent with infantry only just in the beginning.

I developed this tactic versus M00nraker in our LAN. We played these settings: $ 3333, Units 0, Tiberium On, Capture The Flag. Build

Sell Your Construction Yard. Send 1 soldier to every corner of the map. Meanwhile build nothing else but Grenadiers. Don't stop that building. Mark Your base with "control-F7". As soon as You find the enemy base mark it with "control F8". Select Your Grenadiers and send them to F8. Hit F7 and select the new Grenadiers. Hit F8 and send them too. And so on.

Unit control is very important to this tactic. Spread the Grenadiers in Your opponent's base. Blow it up. Begin with the Power Plant. Then go for his CY. Vehicles don't matter, because You can leave circa 5 Grenadiers around Your flag for protection.

If Your opponent has Apaches, use 5 to 10 Rocket Soldiers additionally to the Grenadiers. You can engineer him too, if You like.

NOD version: Replace the Barracks with Hand Of NOD and the Grenadiers with Flamethrower Infantry.

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