dad tactic

2001-08-06: tactic from ElPaladin
"Dad Tactic" By CDHBull with Refining by ElPaladin

The Tactic: Grenadier Rush which will catch newer and intermediate players of guard

The Settings (Not to be changed) 0/2/2100 One Pass Fits All (CRATES OFF!!!!)

The Execution:

Move down a few spaces and deploy your Conyard, build Power, Barracks and 3 Guard Towers. Sell Construction yard, and scout with 3 quick Minigunners. Continuously build Grenadiers and rush them. The reason you only use 2100 credits is that the opponent will want to go Power, Refinery... that is not possible, even if they sell their power for money they will come up short with 1950 Credits. Clever eh? Now here's the best part... when they go for that Refinery, they dont see whats coming... If they do happen to mimic what you do (this would be a sign of an experience player... excersise some good unit control and use Grenadiers range superiority to take out Flamerthrower Infantryf against NOD. If they are GDI too, you will also have to excersise superiour unit control. But the point of this strategy is not unit control, it is a Rush... treat it as one. Attack fast, and be relentless.

MacMark's comment: This is a newbie-fooling tactic. Nobody else would play $2100. At least money for building a power and a refinery would be used i. e. $2300.

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