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If You play with "Crates On" be prepared for deadly surprises. You or Your opponent could find these things in a Crate:
  • Air Strike: A white/red missile is shown.
  • Ion Strike: A blue globe is shown.
  • Nuclear Strike: A white/green missile is shown.
  • Any (!) kind of unit. If You have no buildings left and You find a crate, chances are good, it's a new Mobile Construction Vehicle. The units can be NOD or GDI, no matter which side You play.

      GngisKahn: If You don't have Your Construction Yard anymore and You have more than around 2000-2500 credits, the next crate You find will usually be an MCV! This usually isn't very usefull as you will probably be getting kicked anyway if You don't have a Construction Yard but I have still won a few games with my secondary base.

  • Invisibility: Any unit being nearly to that crate becomes invisible. If You find this crate with an APC (like here), You can unload infantry in Your opponents base without (!) de-cloaking the APC while unloading (like here and here). I found such a crate in my base with one of my Mammoth Tanks. In the immediate vicinity were my Advanced Communications Center and an Advanced Guard Tower. Like You can see on my screen shot (map: "Tiberium River"), both got invisible too like my Mammoth (which is at that moment visiting some NOD Harvesters). Here's a screen shot of an invisible GDI Harvester in the enemy NOD base going for Tiberium (map: "Cactus Valley").
  • Heal all units: An orange/green ball is shown.
  • Complete map visible
  • Complete map invisible: A dark black/blue ball is shown.
  • Money: A rotating $ symbol is shown.
  • Nuclear detonation: immediate explosion at the crate's location.
  • Little explosion and similar surprises.

Search Crates with an APC:

  • Second fastest GDI-vehicle.
  • Imaging an stealth-APC loaded with engineers in Your opponents base. Indeed it don't decloak unloading!
  • Well armored in case You find a "boom!"
  • Getting some infantry out of the crate: Load them into the APC and drive home to Your base.

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