bike rush I

10/28/97: tactic from MacCB
I've tried out a nice little build strategy and was wondering if You have done something similar as well. When starting with 9999 cash I build

Then I sell my Construction Yard. After I zero out my cash on Recon Bikes then I attack. While attacking I start on a Harvester. But the time the battle is over my Harvester is done and the cash comes pouring in. Of course this is a minor matter because the initial bike rush is sufficient to destroy all his forces and Harvesters. In a NOD versus NOD battle the NOD Buggies are better to build, unless the guy starts making Flame Tanks, of course it is unlikely he will be alive spending his time and $$ on a Com. Center.
MacMark: Maybe You don't need a 2nd Power Plant, because You can build in "yellow" as fast as in "green".

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