recon bike killers

tactic from MacMark
Best units to get rid of troublesome packs of Recon-Bikes:
  • GDI: Grenadiers or Medium Tanks
  • NOD: Flamethrower Infantry or Flame Tanks
  • Both: Rocket Soldiers or Minigun Infantry.

All infantry do good damage to the beasts. Furthermore do they stop Recon-Bikes. Recon Bikes cannot squish infantry. Recon Bikes do very little damage to infantry because they cannot hit them well. Recon Bikes suck versus Infantry. Use the g-guard-mode for the infantry and scatter them a little bit.

If You see a group of Recon Bikes use half as much Medium Tanks to take them out. Recon Bikes are no match for Medium Tanks. Medium Tanks have heavy armor, Recon Bikes have light armor. Medium Tanks have a better ground-to-ground-weapon than Recon Bikes.

In general Recon-Bikes tend to die against flames allowing Flame Tanks to be wonderful lighters of Christmas-bikes!

Turret, Guard Tower and Advanced Guard Tower do good damage to Recon Bikes too, but they have the disadvantage to be not mobile and a single Tower will be killed by groups of Recon Bikes.

Ion Cannon and Nuclear Missile are very effective versus Recon Bikes, because of the Bike's light armor. One hit, all gone.

You can squish Recon-Bikes with some vehicles. I did it with

  • APC
  • Flame Tank
  • Medium Tank and
  • Harvester.
  • A Mammoth Tank should be capable to do the same.

It seems necessary to drive from certain directions over the Recon-Bike. Try it's front side.

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