anti "dead-bang" II

05/24/98: tactic from WolfCry
I have found that if You're a NOD player it is easy to stop a Dead-Bang as long as You're on an open map. First thing You have to do is build

When You get the first Airstrip up make Recons. Scout with the first Recon then continue to make Recons. After You have 4 undamaged Recons and can see the base attack the Weapons Factory with the 4 undamaged and the scout if it is still alive.

Attack their Weapons Factory and don't retreat. Even if they have some guys You can still kill the Weapons Factory. By this time You have some more Recons. Now start making Buggies because all they can make is guys. With the Recons You have to attack their Harvesters and bring up the Buggies as they come out, and if they get another Weapons Factory up kill it right away.

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