anti "dead bang!" I

tactic from MacMark
Because my opponents in our LAN and at WChat couldn't stand the heat I tried to find an anti-tactic. And it seems to me that there're 2 tactics to stop "Dead Bang!":

anti-tactic 1: hostile take over

... of the GDI-base (especially the Weapons Factories!!!) as soon as possible
GDI is prevented from building tanks, because he has to get rid of engineers, what GDI can hardly do with tanks only. This way the game returns to a "normal" style. But remember this: Even I can seldom stop "Dead Bang!" The idea for the anti-tactics is: You must motivate GDI to build other thinks but tanks.

anti-tactic 2: first strike

NOD builds 2 Airstrips to produce fast some Recon-Bikes. Eventually sell one Airstrip later. NOD attacks GDI's Weapons Factories or/and Construction Yard with light forces: 3 Buggies, 2 Stealths, circa 10 Bikes, 2 tanks.

History: I play often versus M00nraker (his WChat-nick) on our LAN who knows all about my tactics. So he is by far the greatest "enemy" for me. I killed him using "Dead Bang!" often. Then I played NOD and let him do the "Dead Bang!". I attacked the Weapons Factory successfully (but a little too late) using bikes resulting mostly in a drawn. Now he played NOD again and did the mixed attack with bikes and all other light forces described above and he won...

The key is that GDI just built the second Weapons Factory and is on open maps vulnerable at this moment! In the rematch I built some grenadiers to block and destroy the bikes but lost the Weapons Factory (Look here as well!). One should try some Guard Towers too. And what did we get now? A standard base!!!
I'm very pleased that "Dead Bang!" is not unbeatable! It would make C&C boring.

But remember: On maps with easy to protect entrances like "Tiberium Garden" You should have major fear of "Dead Bang!". Both above described anti-tactics work best on "open" maps. Otherwise watch Your step!

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