APC rush

Here is a tactic from someone I played on Westwood-Chat (Sorry, can't remember his name.). He was convinced no one could stop it: Starting with 0 units there is a good chance to build immediately an APC and an Engineer and take over Your opponent's Construction Yard .

MacMark: It works best on open maps. I stopped it.

MacMark's Anti-tactics 1 (maps with narrow entrances):

This anti tactic I used against him in our 3rd game and won. (I lost the first 2 trying out some other tactics which didn't work.):

On maps like Tiberium Garden 2 to 3 Humm-Vees are enough to block the entrance to Your base and to destroy both: the APC and the Engineer. You can let Your Harvester(s) drive in and out and close the entrance again. The APC can't get in and is killed in front of Your base.

  • My opponent said: Hey, if You have a good protection then You spent Your money badly regarding the rest of the game.
  • MacMark's comment: I think he meant Guard Towers or so. But an APC + an Engineer cost the same as my 3 Humm-Vees. Difference: I keep my Humm-Vees after the attack, his APC and Engineer are dead! Who waste his money???

MacMark's Anti-tactics 2 (open maps):

  • Use a 2 to 3 Humm Vees to accompany the APC through Your base. Wait until it unloads the Engineer. Kill the Engineer with the Humm-Vees (or NOD Buggies). He should die fast because Engineers can't take much hits. Don't use soldiers to kill the Engineer, the APC could squish them!
  • Keep Your Humm-Vees directly beside the APC and fire at it. The APC needs some free space to unload. Furthermore the APC can't unload while returning fire.
  • Your opponent spent $500 for the engineer. Why not spent $500 for Sandbag Barriers? (You can sell them if You got more units later and get $250 back in Your cash...) You get 10 Sandbag Barriers and surround Your Construction Yard if You like. The APC can't remove the Sandbag Barriers, the Engineer as well. Or You drop the Sandbag Barriers as barrier in Your base to slow down the APC. Maybe so that the APC can drive only one way to Your importantest buildings. On this route let Your Humm-Vees wait.
  • Keeping the hostile APC in trouble like described above there should be enough time to have some Grenadiers or Rocket Soldiers (You need them in 0 units games to prevent an infantry attack!) or more vehicles at hand to kill it.

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