rumors & reports August 1999

These are rumors and reports about C&C players. The purpose for this page is that You all have a public forum and that no bad (or good) behaviour remains secret.

I don't forward Your reports to Ted. I suggest You mail Ted Yourself because it's more authentic. But I inform Ted about players who do bad things to me.

If You want to contribute to this page:

  • mail me real details of that game and
  • include Your WChat nick. I mention my sources by name. If You lie You will never get the chance again and You will be listed on the blacklisted players.

I won't publish any reports regarding games with any treaties. Only "no rules" games are of interest for me.

30 August 1999

Last week I -MacMark- played Girlpwr (looks like "girl power" doesn't it?). We played on Green Acres and I failed to scout her base. She played NOD and I played GDI. Her favorite strategy is to engineer. She uses the Chinook transport helicopter, the APC and she tries to walk the Engineer. I defended my Construction Yard from her Engineers. But she was very smart capturing single Refineries while the Harvester has been in (You cannot sell them then). So I had no Refineries left because I sold the others to prevent them from being engineered. I surrendered. In our second match -same setttings- I scouted her base. I outbuilt her and was producing Medium Tanks and Grenadiers. I asked myself why she doesn't build Apaches. I lost 2 of my 4 Harvesters and she many of her Recon Bikes and NOD Buggies. Her APC and the Engineer died too. She built her 2nd Refinery very late so I have had a big money advantage and it was some minutes before I would have attacked her with my tanks and infantry. I lost the connection to my provider. I was somewhat unhappy because she was No.4 and I would have gotton many points for that match. Well, on No.1 there's ACnDC playing as "Kerria543". He sucks bad and I think he's a good source for easy points, if You need some.

10 August 1999

Yesterday I -MacMark- played firetek on his own settings. He announced to dc me. He said bye and he dced. I think that says it all. Ted got my screens, firetek is history. Obviously this guy is a great fool. He didn't know who I'm...

05 August 1999

From: "Beth Brampton" <>
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 1999 13:20:07 -0400

anarchyxx dc'd  sqshmastr when i was attacking him he had only a few grenaders and i had 3 tanks and a squad of flmae men and more tanks coming down to his base. when i started to attack he tried ot stop me but it didnt work so he disconected me.

03 August 1999

Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 22:19:50 EDT
Subject: hey, TheTechy here reporting ZeroSkilz To:

hey, i recently played zeroskilz in a NONT game. i apc'd/buggies/engied his first airstrip, which he had to build back and we battled and he game came out pretty even. i used another apc/buggy/engi raid on him and got hs CY and started building turrets. all his buggies were no match for them. all of the sudden, the game out-of-synced me. i clearly had a huge advantage over him and the fact is, hes a cheater. he probally would have done the same thing (out-of-synced me) had this been tournament. I WOULD LIKE YOU TO PUT HIM ON YOUR SHIT LIST AS AN OUT-OF-SYNCER.


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