22 Apr 1999

the "i" and "L" of Zulu

Last night Oldzulu played me 2 times in a row. He used 2 different nicks looking like "lllllll". One of them was "iiiLiii" and the other similar. First game he won very close. Then he came back and said, that was so close we have to play again. In the end of our 2nd game he said, he only needed 10 minutes in our first match to kill me and I needed now an hour to kill him. So I'm sure it was the same person. To my surprise I saw the game results table showing 2 different names in 2 different rows. So he used two different nicks to play me. In chat he told me then "You finally got Oldzulu". And he begged me not to tell VTed about him, when I said "that was a big mistake my friend". Later he asked me if he should come back as "Pieman1".

Bottom line?

The rumor about Oldzulu being a shared name was confirmed. New information: These guys also use this "iiiLiii" and a 2nd similar looking name for playing. And they have at least 2 nicks top ranked. Nevertheless "Oldzulu" is quite good.

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