05 Apr 1999

OldZulu talks to MacMark

Today OldZulu joined my C&C channel:

OldZulu-> heh
<MacMark> hey
OldZulu-> guess 8if im fake,then looks like i won...how is that possible?
<MacMark> in feb
OldZulu-> shows that you know nothing
<MacMark> march isnt out yet
OldZulu-> i didnt place in march
<MacMark> ur fake in march
OldZulu-> boy do you look stupid now
OldZulu-> maybe someday you wont listen to mastablue about everything
<MacMark> lets see
<MacMark> have a nice day, sharing guy,,,
OldZulu-> up yours assholes
OldZulu-> all of you

Obviously OldZulu's pulse is quite fast now...
Fact is: The winners for March aren't published by Westwood until today. OldZulu got a 2nd place in February. Players get disqualified after each tourney. I.e. the March top players are being checked right now by Virtual Ted. And I still don't expect to see OldZulu on top. I'm really relaxed right now, because the way he talks won't help OldZulu.

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