10 August 1999

Q&A: top guys & Xx-names

As a fellow mac player i think you might be able to help me. When i click on the top 100 player profiles on westwood ladder, all i get is this blank window that says laad_rash at the top. What do i need to make it work. A PC??


what is it with all these XxnicknamexX people? are they all just XxrockxX imposters or what? I would be very gratefull if you could email me or post the answer on your
(excellent) website.

Gngis Kahn (Wchat nick)

That is a Westwood bug. The top 100 guys have never worked 100% OK. There were always bugs or as now nothing if You wonna see the profiles. Mail Ted, maybe he fix it sometime.

Yeah, all this foolish XX-guys imitate the original famous XxRockxX. I don't like that copy names too.

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