30 August 1999

WHY no Tiberian Sun for Mac Ted?

Last week I mailed to VirtualTed@Westwood.com:

"Hi Ted,

You told me WW has no plans doing a Mac version of TS. I would like to know the REASON. Aren't 2 millions of iMac users not enough of a market? Do WW have plans to outsource the porting to Mac like they did with CC and Totally Hip Software? I remember the preview video in CC for Mac showing TS as a coming attraction for the Mac :-)"

As soon as Ted gives me an answer I will publish it on my news. But -to speak the truth- I don't think they have any good answer for that. Except maybe something like "we hate Macs". Like You can see on my Hey Westwood! page I have many suggestions for WW. But e. g. they didn't update WChat for Mac like I want.


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