12 November 1999

Secret Tiberian Sun add-on revealed


Hi guys!

Well, we are in need of some very dedicated beta testers for this CLOSED beta test of a new add-on for Tiberian Sun, and I thought it best to come to you guys for help. What I'm speaking of isn't Firestorm - it's "HyperWire" a free upgrade to Tiberian Sun.

This Tiberian Sun add-on will allow multi-player fans everywhere to see a marked increase in Internet and LAN games, as well as provide a couple new features to gameplay. In a nutshell, here are some of the enhancements made to the newly renamed "HyperWire" add-on for Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun :

* Additional controls for adjusting the game speed, as well as adjustments for manual compensation of network lag and slow connections.

* Built-in modifications to the network code, including memory improvements, reduced bandwidth, and optimized packets. On a "normal" connection this can result in an overall 70% reduction in network bandwidth.

* A new "short-game" option which when selected ends the game after all the buildings of a player are destroyed.

* Other improvements and functionality additions.

* This add-on will be provided free of charge to all registered Tiberian Sun owners via Westwood Online.

If you're interested, simply visit http://www.westwood.com/hyperwire to download the add-on pack immediately.

As always, we ask you to keep this information confidential. Do not release the location of this update to others until we have received your feedback. When it is ready, we will either open the beta to more people or make the add-on widely available to everyone. However, you may release the bullet points above as information on your fan sites if you wish. Just don't give out the URL until we give the okay.

Thanks again, and I hope to see you online this weekend!

-Virtual Ted

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