01 June 1999

C&C reinforcements have arrived

Command & Conquer is still alive. More alive than ever!

Recently the C&C channel on Wchat shows more visitors than the Red Alert channel. Ususally RA has had more than twice as much players in.

I saw some new C&C sites starting up during the last 4 weeks. As soon as they have their own style, their own contents and are working properly I will list them on my links page. I watch them all. But yet they're too immature.

I saw some old champions coming back to Command & Conquer for playing ladder again.

And finally some hate-sites about me came up. The best of them is the one who faked the old style of my site to publish some comedy. This one is listed on my links. I really like it. I think my "C&C God" site is the only Command & Conquer site who has fake- and hate-sites. Thank You guys!

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