17 Apr 1999


I have had a longer chat with OldZulu in my C&C room a few days ago. He sent me an email from a hotmail-account. I wondered why he didn't use his OldZulu original email account. How do I know he has another email account? He won a prize in Feb 1999. No prizes are given to free email provider accounts. If You use a nick which is registered with a free email You will be disqualified by Westwood. I asked him why he didn't use this email account. He said it's his sister's account and she don't let him use it anymore. He told me he's a "young girl" and that's the reason why he don't wonna tell me where he lives. I think "OldZulu" is a shared nick of some players and he has to use a free account to mail me, because I would otherwise identify one of these guys using "OldZulu" by his email account. Hotmail accounts cannot be back tracked easily by me. He said Mastablue uses many nicks. He's right. But Mastablue only uses one of these nicks for tournament play each month. That's by the rules. But nick name sharing like in the "OldZulu" case isn't ok. And if You use more than 1 nick per month You will be disqualified, and Mastablue knows that. He said Mastablue has a free email too. Ok, but everyone knows Mastablue since the beginning of C&C online games including me. And Mastablue doesn't fear to be identified! But You, OldZulu, nobody knows You, You came out of nowhere over night and You do everything not to be identified! So I can't accept free emails from You saying: "From: "Anon Amous" <oldzulu@hotmail.com>". I accept Mastablues free email, because we all know he's a single person. You, OldZulu, are not a single person. You're a group of good, but dishonest players. Stop it!

If You need background infos regarding the "OldZulu" go to my news and to my discussions section. It began with "dawn of the gods".

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