17 May 1999

newbie killer

Hey Marc,

Here is something funny. You can open new section Newbie Killers. :) Here is first candidate

Babkuzy : who wants to play a game
Babkuzy : a 15bt game
real44 : me!
real44 : a c&C game?
Babkuzy : yeah
Babkuzy : a C & C game
Babkuzy : are u new??
real44 : yes
real44 : today i got it
Babkuzy : oh
Babkuzy : ok
Babkuzy : lets go play
stu42 : well thats what u r heier oplay
Babkuzy : i will host
real44 : but non-tournatment
Babkuzy : i only play tournament
real44 : alright, how do i join?
Babkuzy : oh
Babkuzy : ok
Babkuzy : well
Babkuzy : youy see a nod and Gdi sign above
real44 : yes
Babkuzy : in a small buttom
stu42 : bye every body
Babkuzy : click on it
Babkuzy : and press yes
Babkuzy : and i will come to you

Babkuzy is ranked 13 !!! stu42 is a first time player. Game is tourney as
you can see.


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