01 June 1999

Straight lies about MacMark

There're some guys who spread straight lies about one of the most honest C&C players on earth: Me, MacMark. They go for that to my blacklisted players list.

  • RyanAT runs the so called "PO" site and published an ugly picture (he calls it a "screen shot") which should prove that I would d/c. It's a bad fake. I cannot see any game on it. I cannot see why I should d/c. I cannot read why I should d/c. What about a detailed game history of that match? He cannot provide it. But he calls this fake picture a "proof". Well, a "screen shot" (even if it's of that high quality as the ones I provide on my blacklisted players listing) alone doesn't prove anything. The d/cer could take it himself or he makes an local area network game, goes under "MacMark" versus his best friend and takes some screen shots of the kind he likes. Ryan doesn't even mention his source. His source cannot tell any details about such a game. He only shows a brown rectangle. Are You silly, Ryan?
    • Skylord only founded the PO, but the site is made by RyanAT. So I changed my target from Skylord to RyanAT. I thought until today that this site is made by Skylord because he mailed me on 27 April 1999 this:
      "finally got our site up....it's still new and little is on it yet but it will be full soon. members include: me, Babkuzy, JJM543,noreaga1,tankhog,agentnkrh,rayray31, and ryanAT since your site is the main site for CnC news and links.. i thought you could put me up a link and maybe add this email to your new or whatever you choose to do with it........ After all i made you what you are today ! -Skylord-"
    • RyanAT removed that lie about me from his site on 08 June 1999.
  • LordSSB told this on WChat in May 1999: "i beat macmark and he DCed, it was straight and narrow and he knew i was going to kill him with my heles, so he DCed". Another straight lie. Why? The only game I tried to play on "Straight And Narrow" in May 1999 didn't even start because it didn't connect. I played the whole month another map: "Moosehead Barrens". I think this stupid guy just wants to be famous.

There're some other guys on WChat who try the same. Me and my sources keep watching. So watch out!

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