10 May 1999

Let me lay down the law for You - news from MastaBlue

Here's the deal. You know of those dc'ing faggots that pretend like they are honest players, and come to the chat lobby and act cool towards all the good players, and they are basically just kissing ass so they can cover up their cheating? C0mander aka XDIEX and UNC23 aka Covert23 are the epitomy of this. When I think of them, all I think of is one word : LAMERS.

Lets start with C0mander. He was one of the original disconnecting faggots of westwood, even before XxNortHxX came around. The thing that makes him worse than ACnDC (who at least admits he dc's), is that this faggot denies it every single time. Now he goes in wchat trying to give himself a good name by saying "I'm not a cheater! Give me a break I was a newbie when I used to DC!" Well c0mander you faggot you still play like a newbie and you still DC like a faggot according to many reliable sources.

Then there is UNC23 aka CoVeRt23. This guy is a real flamer. He goes around prentending to be a skilled player when he is probably the biggest UNKNOWN disconnector next to tonsoffun. This faggot will play 200 games a month, 99% of them against newbies, and if he for some reason loses to one? he just simply DC's. Who will stick up for a newbie in chat against the kiss-ass CovErt23? No one at all. This lame f#ck has the nerve to go around saying he is a top player when he is just another f#cking newbie killer who dodges good players when they look for a game with him..and then when a good player does get a game with him, he f#cking DC's, just like the rest of the faggots around here.

Now thats the truth, and don't listen to any of their crap, for its just the lies of a disconnecting cheater

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