27 July 1999

Date: Sun, 25 Jul 1999 13:59:28 -0700
Subject: Love your sight

Dear Macmark,
Please keep my e-mail adress confidential. For general correspondance I prefer my AOl adress and that is Billntwrk@aol.com First of all, let me tell you how much I enjoy your sight. As a devout mac user, it is extremely cool to see a sight devoted to mac users. I consider your sight a "Must see' for every new player and belive me I am new. I have yete to come close to winning a game. I suspect that might change in the future as I absorb more of your site and believe me I will be a regular visitor. I also submit article to a MAC User group magazine called SDMUG MACINTOUCH. My next article will see your sight mentioned to some 4k users in the San Diego, California area.
After visiting your sight, severla suspecians were confirmed. Severla of your bad guys have really taken advantage of me and, I suspect, increaded their own standing at my expense. I wish their was a way to ID new or rookie players. I have found that nothing turns off a new player more than getting beat with no help or guidance from the more experienced players. I can say from personal experience, that nothing is more frustrating than losing a game and having no idea how to improve. For that reason alone, I will recommed your site as a virtual school for the newbie.
Sir, I thank you for your site and plan to visit frequently. I have a small suggestion for you though. Could you post a list of C &C add ons availiable for the MAC? I still am unaware of what is availiable to those of us devoted to defeating the evil "Microsoft" network. I am only concerned about C & C add ons.
Best Regards,
San Diego, California
United States

Thanks for Your mail. There's only the "Covert Operations" CD available as an add on for Command & Conquer. It's a DOS CD but You can use it with Your Mac too. I described how to do that ;-)

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