07 July 1999

Fakes, clans and CnC

The fake of my site is one of my favorite bookmarks. Recently it improved with some new "tactics" showing a new kind of buildings: Hamburgers, traffic signs and so on. Very funny. That site who's publisher obviously prefers to remain anonymous introduced a message board too. I found a message on there signed with my name but it's not from me. Since I saw that someone had used my name to write silly stuff on the PO message board some weeks ago, I decided not to write on any message board at all. You can't make sure if the author of the message is authentic.

Some other CnC sites copy the style of my site too. They added a "disguise list", a "blacklisted players list", an "actual reports" page and so on. They also copied the basic layout ideas. I take that as a compliment to this "C&C God" site. But as long as they have broken links and an inconsistent navigation etc. I don't link them. Improve and I add You to my links, guys! Suggestion: If You publish "blacklisted players" it's way not enough to give a list of names. Necessary is (look at my reports) to mention the game history and the author. Simply stating "xy is a (suspected) dirty player" says nothing about that player. But it says much about the quality of Your reports.

Apropos PO: Some days ago PO was very proud to announce that a player named Ais4apple would help making their clan shine. I gave PO on my site the advice to be carefully and suggested not to accept this guy. They didn't follow my advice but now Ais4apple is out of this clan. Westwood disabled his account for breaking WChat rules. Well, he was high ranked but my sources indicated that there may be some problems coming with him. So next time, PO, read my lips ;-) I observe that clan a little bit because some guys I know are in it. But as long as none of the CnC heavy weight players joins such a clan they're all doomed. They will never be "power overwhelming", except they improve their medium skills.

Regarding the discussion of the last 4 weeks "CnC is dead or alive": I love this game, I play it and thousands of other players do the same. I'm very relaxed. Red Alert sucks, StarCraft is as bad as WarCraft and if Tiberian Sun is any good, who knows for real?

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