21 October 1999

Story of DrTurkel

DrTurkel got CnC in October 1998. He started his online life under the nicks "mischAa" and "Mischa19". He was a newbie and wanted to get rid of that image. So he played early in each month and climbed to high ranks. Later the tough players challenged him and before he was losing he d/ced not to lose any points. He hadn't much friends. In fact nearly nobody liked him.

Later he decided that having some CnC friends would be nice. But nobody gave him a chance. Then he paused for 1 or 2 months and returned without d/cing anymore. He became a tough player with real skills. But the other players still called him a d/cer and some even spread lies about games with him.

What to do? He left his bad nicks behind and used "DrTurkel" as his new nick. Under that nick he is now known as a fair and skilled CnC player.

Until today nobody except one other guy knew about that little secret. DrTurkel sent me an email and asked me to publish the info. Welcome to the good guys!

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