10 November 1999

Drake32 leaves & Westwood updated heroes

Hey Mac... This is drake32.. I dont know if you or anyone really cares, but I just wanted to say that I am leaving all Westwood games, ive had enough of their crap. Unless Tiberian Twilight is good and doesnt get delayed 10 times. CC Gold was fun back like 2 years ago, when dcing was limited and the game actually seemed enjoyable. Even though i never really accomplished anything, never had enough determination ( or time to play more than 30 games, heh ) to finish top 3. Although I got pretty damn good, never did get a match in with you though. Well now theres dc'in everywhere and the game just looks horrible graphics wise. As for TS.. worst 50 bucks I spent in my life. I played it for a month and now i have no desire to play it. EMP kills the game, Im sick of seeing engy rush after engy rush, and the game just isnt as addictive as cc gold was. I'll be playin Half Life: TFC and Unreal Tournaments mostly. Laters...

Westwood updated finally the hall of heroes again. But they posted the wrong winners for October. According to RyanAT they published the Tiberian Sun winners on the C&C page. Silly!

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