27 Apr 1999

Delusion I

I played the top GDI guy "iiiLiii" again last night. I refused his tech level 5 and got tech 7 for our match. The other settings were his own favorites. Now the best:

He insisted that I don't use yellow color to play him! He was under the delusion that I could cheat by using yellow. Anyone out there who is as silly as that guy? I did him the favor and chose another color.

Then we played. He said he got a bad spot and resigned immediately. Great. Under-3-minutes matches aren't counted by the ladder system.

Then we played his settings again. He surprised me with an Apache rush because I failed to scout his base in the beginning. I took my loss like the man I'm.

We already played some days ago. He got me close by a building rush because I failed too to scout his base which was in direct vicinity. In our other game we saw each others base and I won.

I think iiiLiii is very nervous and fears me like a child fears the big bad wolf. Same is for BeamBlack (the top NOD guy) who begged on his knees for some points.

Hey guys, here's my advise for You: Ask Your sister for some dolls. Dolls won't hurt You, believe me!

And my message for the other guys out there: Go and kill iiiLiii and BeamBlack. It's easy.

Delusion II

Some players are under the delusion that they're under "s-key-attack" while actually sucking in C&C unit control. Obviously they don't know, that an attacked unit which is under hostile fire stops and returns fire if the enemy can be reached with it's weapons. So infantry e. g. begins to crawl which slows them down by factor 2. If You want to force moving while under attack use the force-move key "alt-click". More on that in my short cuts. I found that many sucking losers harass me with that if they saw their sun set coming. Hey, relax and vanish!

Delusion III

Sometimes I don't play as well as my opponents expect me to do. They get really disappointed about that and say silly things about me. Are You under the delusion that I can always play like a god? Even heroes sometimes need a battery recharge after having played some games.

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