13 July 1999

Decrease of blacklisted players

After Westwood changed the rules for winning prices I noticed a significant decrease of reported blacklisted players. I think this is no accident. Usually I got five or more mails about bad guys every day. As You can see I didn't publish all of them. Now I had days without any bad reports. That's great. If things will turn out fine I can close down my blacklisted players section in two months.

Internet time

You may have noticed the new timer on my start page. It's the internet time invented by Swatch. It provides the same time to every part of the world. No more different time zones. The advantage for us CnC players is that we can meet synchronized by a global time. Swatch provides desktop programs for Macintosh and WinDOS which display the internet time. Swatch also provides offline time converters for Macintosh and WinDOS and add-ons for web sites like the one I use. The internet time divides a day into 1.000 "beats".

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