31 Mar 1999

Ladder bug fixes

"We're working on all of this now. Hopefully, it will all be back up soon."


Hi Ted,

on the C&C ladder I can see only green faces. That cannot be true. 50% of my games my opponent pulls the plug (d/ces), because they don't wonna lose :-( So why do I have still a green face on the ladder? And I can see nobody who has a yellow or red face!

2nd question: the C&C ladder start page don't show the same top 20 guys compared to the "search for No. 1" result. Although every single player's scores are updated, the ladder start page didn't update since You changed the hardware last week at Westwood.

Last question: Will the links of the top100 players some day be working correctly? Yet they give only an empty page.

Hope You can fix that soon, because C&C is still my favored game :-)

Greetings out of the middle of Europe


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