07 June 1999

Bad name

There's an interesting new nick on the WChat ladder. It's called "VTEDisGAY". That sounds much like one of ACnDC's latest tries to harass Virtual Ted. He tried similar things with email accounts often. If he appears under that nick on the C&C chat channel he usually gets kicked by the system operators.

In case You didn't read my older news: ACnDC was disqualified forever and plays now "private war" versus Virtual Ted.

Virtual Ted is informed about that strange nick since some days. I think he's going to disable that fools's account.

Now that nick has fallen down the ladder from 4 to 51 without playing games. Looks like disabled.

Since the fake of my site published a story about ACnDC's comeback last week where it described that nick and the probabilities of being kicked I guess it's ACnDC's site. Who else could have had that information so early but himself?

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