19 Apr 1999


MacMark: I got a chat log regarding myself:

Logging started: Sun Apr 18 09:25:28 1999
<MoDShaniA> NH
<MoDShaniA> Mady1 : and u know Macmark?
<MoDShaniA> yes
Mady1 : i'm ImSoviet in top 10 now
Mady1 : MacMark pretends to be honest but for real he cheats more then anyone
<MoDShaniA> Really Explain this to me its all new to me
Mady1 : MoDShaniA : I have an Amazon Parrot
Mady1 : MoDShaniA : I WAS a long time ago =) when i played alot but im low ranked now
<MoDShaniA> What Does MacMark Do?
Mady1 : he does out of sync
Mady1 : so he does not get a lose
<MoDShaniA> So...
<MoDShaniA> Yopur Imsoviet?
<MoDShaniA> ANd Mac Dont CHeat
Mady1 : yeah, so what
Mady1 : how do u know that he does not?
<MoDShaniA> WHy would he need to?
Mady1 : to avoid lose
<MoDShaniA> Mac's Awesome Player he doesnt loose alot
Mady1 : u do not know because u never kicked his butt
<MoDShaniA> Specially to loosers like you
Mady1 : hehe
<MoDShaniA> Actually i almost DId last night =)
Mady1 : but i kicked his ass
<MoDShaniA> Lol ill bet you didnt
Mady1 : he used Orcas and granadiers right?
<MoDShaniA> Meds and Grenaides
Mady1 : well orcas too
<MoDShaniA> He used no Orcas
Mady1 : hey he does
<MoDShaniA> I used Mixed Unit
<MoDShaniA> I was too slow thoug :o(
Mady1 : i killed him with building nod turrets
<MoDShaniA> ANd how do you do "out of Sync"
<MoDShaniA> ?
Mady1 : well i asked him how did he do "out of SYnc" but he does not
admit it
Mady1 : he pretends to know nothing aobut it
<MoDShaniA> Cause he didnt
<MoDShaniA> Sure he did
Mady1 : ok no worries forget it
<MoDShaniA> Then last night when i was winning, how come he didnt do it?
<MoDShaniA> I was winning for about 10 minutes then he Got me cornered
Mady1 : forget it, u do not know about that guy
<MoDShaniA> OK
<MoDShaniA> Thanks
<MoDShaniA> Youor on LilMoosh Camera =o)
Mady1 : and how do u take screen shot of the game?
<MoDShaniA> ****End Message Logging****
<MoDShaniA> only Macs Can
<Private to CnC_Bot> CnC BOt Lol U so Funny
<Private from CnC_Bot> Sorry, I'm just a 'bot, I don't respond to private messages...
Mady1 : so he should not write anything about any other players on his page
<Private from CnC_Bot> Sorry, I'm just a 'bot, I don't respond to private messages...
<MoDShaniA> He will write something about you
<MoDShaniA> U have No Life
Mady1 : because he cant prove it that playersDCed or they got
<MoDShaniA> YuP
<MoDShaniA> AcnDC
<MoDShaniA> He DC?
<MoDShaniA> well?
Mady1 : whats wrong with ACmDC?
Mady1 : ACnDC?
<MoDShaniA> Hes a D/C'er
Mady1 : does he have a red face in tourney?
<MoDShaniA> No
<MoDShaniA> Hes Dqued from em all now
Logging ended: Sun Apr 18 09:33:17 1999

(MacMark: Yes, Mady1 got me. But seconds before I lost, an "out of sync error" happend. It was not my fault. He rushed me with Hands Of NOD, NOD Turrets and SAM sites. That was an unexpected kind of trouble and my APC counter came too late to safe me ;-)

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