29 Apr 1999

Back for bad

LilMoosh is playing her bad settings again: NOD versus GDI and 2 start units. That gives GDI a Medium Tank and a Minigun Infantry, NOD gets 2 Light Tanks and one Minigun Infantry. Lilly plays under any other name that nobody cares for. You will recognize her as soon as You see these strange settings.

Lilly, Lilly, that's "legal" but stupid. You won't learn to play this way.

ACnDC was as mentioned before disqualified for every WChat tourney – past or future – and for all his alias nicks. He even lost nearly all his accounts at WChat. He used one of his remaining nicks to play me and was beaten by me as usual. But this time he disconnected again and has the nerve to reverse reality by telling about me what he did in fact.

Well, I think he won't have his last remaining WChat nicks for long.

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