23 August 1999

Apple wants TS for Mac

I emailed Mike Dixon - founder of the MacGamer's Ledge - and asked him about Tiberian Sun for Mac. The MacGamer's Ledge always publishes top actual informations about Mac games and release dates etc. But I didn't see any infos about Tiberian Sun there. So I asked him:

--- Do You have any informations about MacC&C: Tiberian Sun? I asked Virtual Ted and he said "sorry, probably no Mac version". I asked totally hip software who made the MacC&C: Tiberium Dawn port and they said they're "busy, no plans for that". So, will there be a company to do the port? I think 2 millions of iMac users and me should be a great market." ---

His answer: --- There are no plans for a Mac version at the moment, but I know that Apple would like to see a Mac version and will be doing what they can to bring it to the Mac. We'll report anything we find out in our news page. Thanks for visiting MGL! ---

That's like what we saw in recent months: Apple tries to get more games for the Mac. E. g. a version of Quake 3 Arena was first available for the Mac, then for Linux and later for WinDOS. So hopes are high Tiberian Sun makes it to the good old Macintosh.

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