08 June 1999

PO fool???

On the chat board of PO I found this:

"Bad Idea playing MacMark. i played him recently and his PC is ssssso slow. Yea i got beat. Barely. I was a name that my friend has so if your trying to remember it Mac, good luck. it's not cheating I didn't play for him on this month i'm playing on my own name and suxing but that is different story. ... tsUNCnc"

This message was a fake on PO's message board again. It wasn't from tsUNCnc himself as he told me. Strange. Can anyone trust an unmoderated message board?

Then there was another guy of PO who really wanted to check how "good You really're, MacMark": Agentnrkh. He asked me "Where's Your famous Golden Eagle?". Now he knows what that means. He was power overwhelmed by me like his clan colleague before.

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