16 May 1999

PO: dismissals

If You go to the message board of the so called "PO clan" You find their founder "POskylord" alias "Skylord1" writing:

"I don't make many posts here on the site. Only for things that are really important. One important thing is that we're showing signs of dismissal. We have many problems in the clan. Every person is trying to do their "own thing". I'm being constantly nagged that we have cheaters amongst us. Also i'm deactivating the noactive members: Tankhog,rayray,shnookdog also many attitudes in PO suck. miles and c0mmander have problems controlling anger. me and commander played and he won the first one. He told me he was sorry for what he said in the game after he had me beat. Then we played a second time and i won and everything seemed cool. miles your another two personality guy. Look what you do as a PO(this concerns all PO's) effects us as a whole. cheating lying and just being an asshole all goes under one catagory-LAMER don't be one i like that new quote,"Don't f--- with PO" another quote,"if you cheat PO will f--- you" Skylord"

MacMark's spin-off: Skylord realized that most of his "members" even don't follow their own "PO rules" listed on their site. I hope Skylord read my detailed story about his clan.

And remember: You first saw it on the "C&C God"! I like to be ahead with my news.

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