Nov 30

the one with the most alias names (11/30/98) updated

One of the really tough guys in the C&C universe and I mean really tough was disguised today by a reader of my site. Thanks for sending!

Rquiem reported on his site the skills of several WChat players of November. The only question remaining for me: Which -the hell- name does he use for that??? "Noticable"!

The only disadvantage: He will probably use a new nick name for December. Let's see what it will be. I think one of the top 10 names; hehe.

If You find out who Rquiem is in December: mail me!

Thanks in advance...

update: On his site he listed his disguise name "Noticable" like any other player which he assessed regarding playing strength. So it looks like "Noticable" would be another guy but himself. Tricky, very tricky, Rquiem!

update 2: I got a wrong report. Newer rumors say that "Noticable" was Laserfang. But in the last day of the November tourney it was indeed Rquiem - his brother...

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