Nov 27

official fan sites listing at Westwood starting next week (11/27/98)

I found on Westwood's link page: "Sites created and maintained by our fans with a primary focus on titles from Westwood Studios. No officially authorized sites listed yet! Email us to find out how!"

So I asked Virtual Ted: "How does my fan page become an authorized site?"

Answer from VT: "Hi Markus, Well, you need to have a site dedicated to Westwood Studios in some way (games, hints, etc.). And, you have to fulfill a few requirements like not posting adult advertisements, not making available cheats or hacks, etc. We'll have a full program in place after Thanksgiving, and I'll provide a link with all the specifics then. -VT"

And I sent anther question to him: "Hi Ted, I would like to be listed on Your official fan site list at <...>. Please add the following URL: <...> It's my Command & Conquer only site. There's nothing else but C&C. I get 1000 hits per month and lots of email from WChat players who really love it. It's named "C&C God". When I play on WChat I often be asked: hey is it You? The one with the kick ass C&C site? Sure. I'm. <...>"

Answer from VT: "Hey, cool site! And on a Mac! I'm setting up the official rules for adding fan sites (you're okay). I'll post it next week and you'll be able to apply and get listed then. -VT"

So it looks like my site will become official on Westwood's site as a fan site. I'm really pleased!

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