03 August 1999

StyxWatrz: Vted

Hi Macmark,

It me Styxwatrz again. I was just wondering, since you are so close :) to Vted, do you know what happened to last month's winners. I mean, this is like the 2nd time that the winners are not who I would expect them to be. What's the scoop there?

Also, one thing that I noticed: You've got lots of reports about that blueysy guy but for some reason you did not include my report about him last month. He s-keyed me too. I think you should write a letter to Vted :) cause he usually does not listen to many others or puts it on the backburner. Just a thought.

Keep up the good work.


I don't know what happend last month to the winners.
Maybe I didn't get enough details with Your report.
Well, I hope Vted reads my site if he has time enough. I know he likes it ;-)

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