05 July 1999

StyxWatrz: Long Live CnC

Well, as I see there has been a lot of negative mail about CnC recently (too much if you ask me), so I thought I would add some color to otherwise monochrome comments.

People you can't say cnc is dead simply because it's not fun any more to you. Had, that comment about only 1/50 of new players worth mentioning is way too extreme. There are lots of good players who are on the B stage right now but who are striving to learn different maps and "new" strats (looks like you haven't been playing much lately). Besides, most of the people don't live and brieth cnc (they actually have normal lives, you know) like some of you guys did so the learning process is somewhat slower, plus the "oldtimers" are not around any more or they all have new nicks so you don't know who to play.

But of course it's just my humble opinion (as is everybody elses). Personally, I don't understand how you can play starcraft for that long. I mean it was fun for a couple of months but now it's just plain boring and it eats up a load of your free time (kinda like RA if you know what I mean).


P.S. A couple of you mentioned S&N in a bad light but it ain't so. If you take the time to learn it, s&n can be real fun.

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