22 June 1999

Reply to: "strange buildings"

Here's some info that should answer MACs questions about the various buildings.

Hospitals - I'm not entirely sure about the purpose of these, but most likely they were for healing infantry. In other words, it's a repair pad for humans. The pills will fill up whenever you put a human in there. The reason it seems to randomly fill up is most likely a bug caused by the programmers deciding to take out the feature at the last minute.

Technology Centers - These I believe were strictly for decorative purpose. There are no signs indicating that this structure had a purpose other than just sit there and look cool.

Bio Research Labs - These buildings were originally intended to let you build chem warriors (yup, chem warriors in single player games). Again, at the last minute Westwood took that out, and had it so you could only build chemwarriors in tech 7 multiplayer games.

Of course, they took those features out a very long time ago. This is before the DOS version was released. As an added bonus, prerelease versions of C&C had a GDI unit that could fire Honest John missiles across the entire map, but it had an extremely long reload time.

If you've done any messing around with setting extremely high build levels (100 and above), then you most likely will have noticed the ability to build Mobile HQs. These little vehicles can't attack, neither do they serve any special function. If they are destroyed, you lose the mission. You can also build civilians, a wooden fence, razor wire, and all of the buildings mentioned above.

- Jon Merriman
The Research Center

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