I'm looking for someone who knows anything about:

    • Visceroids
    • Hospitals
    • Technology Centers
    • Bio Research Laboratories

      I'm sure the Hospital was meant to be part of the original game, as it has a "sell" animation when it deconstructs, meaning it was probably intended to be constructed. Also it includes a pill, (like on the APC and Harvester), which fills up and empties, seemingly at random. Could this be for Tiberium, units? Does it allow You to do anything special? Technology Centers and Bio Research Laboratories however cannot be sold, and so far as I know you can't capture Bio Research Laboratories. As for Visceroids, what are they, an amalgamation of absorbed organisms, some weird mutant creature? Any insights would be appreciated.

    MacMark: If someone can answer his questions, please mail me. I will publish Your answer here. By the way: This guy used a free email provider. If he plays under that email on WChat, he will be disqualified. Use the email account You got from Your internet service provider instead.

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