29 June 1999

Rquiem: "Skylord, listen here!"

Ok Skylord you are a moron. I can easily disprove your idiotic comment on players not as good having less experience. Here are some examples of players who have been playing just as long or longer than the best have and still aren't as good, plain and simple (this may be stupid thing to say but no offense to anyone on this list):

Laserfang, UNC, Tankhog, Ashok, Sykopup, RodOfNOD, Tonsoffun, Blackyoda, Mickeyv, JJM543, Drake32, Bronco, ADI5893

These guys you consider "Masters of C&C" or whatever the <censored> you wanna call it have been playing C&C just as long as the best have and would be lucky to take 2-3 games out of 10 to any of us (except Rod, Syko and Laser they were better). They are all very good players though don't get me wrong. Skylord, keep your shit opinions of C&C to yourself since you haven't been playing that long and you don't compare to any of the players I mentioned on this page.

Peace out,

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