23 June 1999

Rquiem: "final comments"

Let me explain better what I tried to say before.

First of all, I was a little harsh in my wording of other players "sucking." Usually when I beat players, I consider them to "suck" regardless of how well they played me, which is not true. I think that there are a lot of new "B" level players, but none of them is an "A" level player. Once in a while one of them can beat me, but I always come right back and embarass them next 4 times that month. I see it in their unit control, overall strategy, and most importantly settings. It's a fact that almost every new "B" level player plays 1 or 2 maps, and only their settings which usually are non-negotiable. The best players can play any settings any map, and don't bitch about "cheap" strategies. The new players won't ever reach the level that the elite are in because of these 3 reasons. Whenever I think of any new player, unfortunately the first things that come to mind are disconnecting, s-keying, out of syncing whining crappy players that play 1 map 1 setting.

Why do you new players tell us elite players to leave you alone? Don't you get better by playing better players? One of the reasons I got good was simply getting my ass handed to me by old greats like Mplayer, SJ1, Realhyper and PecPecKiller over and over again in the first couple months.

The elite few (Mastablue, Rock, Requiem, CmdrCD, Pieman, Oompah) can come back anytime after a long absence and totally dominate the ladder. That is simply a fact that has been proven and shoved in everyone's faces ever since the Westwood Ladder started. C&C isn't dead but DYING FAST.


I agree that there is no adequate replacement for the best-ever-guys yet. But that doesn't mean the game is dead.

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