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Greetings MacMark, this is Rquiem.

I have just read all of the messages on Your C&C site from other players. This is a response to all of Your "C&C: Discussion" messages.

For You players who complain and bitch about some players using more than 1 nickname, I have 2 words: fuck off. When You are constantly ranked high and are well known as a good player, it can get very frustrating when You join someone's game only to have them say "You're too good" or "You will win for sure" and get the boot. That has happened to me very many times as You can guess; during some parts of the ladder I played the same 10 people over and over again, because people won't play me. What am I supposed to do? Here's a story. I was ranked very high, and I wanted to challenge some other top players on the ladder. I am talking about top 20 players that give me a decent fight. It seemed that these top 20 losers wouldn't play me, yet kept saying they could beat me easily. I then created some new nicknames and proceeded to kick all their asses (some people know who TheNewbie is-it's obvious that I'm really a newbie, right?). The point is, people who create new nicknames usually have a good reason. As for respect Hadouken? Some "name changers" already have that-that is why most people like You won't play us.

As for the newbies-well, what is there to say. When You play a beginner, You try to help them. If You play someone and they want to use the tactics You just told them, then play them non-ladder. I knew many players who would just beat up on bad players constantly and that's just stupid. For example I was one of the players who helped Hadouken here how to play. When I first played him, we must have played about 20 fun games in a couple days span, where I just played differently every time and he would try to counter it.

Tactics: there are no cheap tactics. If someone heli rushes You, or early engineers You, it's legitimate. It just takes away the fun in the game. Everything can be stopped, although some are much more difficult than others. I just don't personally like players who heli rush all the time; it gets old, doesn't it :-)

Settings: people who play same settings all the time are lame. You should be able to play all settings and all maps, yet still win if You are truly good. I totally agree with CmdrCD, who was the best at "strange" settings (^_^)

Game speed: I know many Kali players who think WChat suck, and many WChat players who think Kali suck. Players who say that are the ones who can't compete on the other service. I personally think that Kali involves better strategy, and allows more time to think. Whereas WChat allows speeds that are more fun to play with. A note: only 3 players have ever reached top 5 in Kali and WChat ladders, and those 3 are inarguably the best C&C players ever. I am talking about Pieman, CmdrCD, and myself, Rquiem.

When I look at the ladder (top 50 portion) today, Laserfang (my brother) and I honestly start laughing. I look at the top 10 especially and start laughing harder. Most of those players are disconnectors or newbie-killers. MacMark when You say 50% of top 100 players are suckers, You're wrong. It is more around 75%.

MacMark, thanks for letting me state my opinion.


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