the real way to get games for the macintosh...

      I know it's old news but this is a new idea. Total Annihilation, Tiberian
      Sun's biggest competitor on the PC, is being ported to the Macintosh by our
      friends at MacSoft. I am in the process of finding out a release date and
      when I do, I will let everyone know.

      Anyways, the reason Westwood didn't port Red Alert or Tiberian Sun to the
      Mac is because they are smart. That's a fact, not an opinion. They looked at
      the results of all the ports to the Mac... not just the good ones. The
      problem with that is that there have been few ports that are actually good.
      C&C was one of them. However, Mac users happily rejected the bad ones. You
      see? We are spoiled with good games with a Mac-like interface. If there is a
      game that has a poor interface or poor graphics, we don't get it.

      Take DooM for example. It was one of the most popular games for the PC a
      while ago. When they finally ported it to the Macintosh, nobody bought it.
      There are two reasons for this: 1: The engine sucked and the game wasn't
      challenging. I beat the shareware version in a day dying one or two times.
      2: A hella better game of its type just came out: Marathon.

      PC software companies are looking at the results of other ports, good and
      bad, and using that to decide whether they should port their game.

      My point is that we should buy Total Annihilation as it comes out and tell
      others to buy it. I've emailed you guys because you have fairly popular web
      sites. I would appreciate it if you would put something up on your sites
      (make it very clear on the first page or a popular page) to encourage people
      to buy Total Annihilations for two reasons:

      1) The game really kicks ass. I played the PC demo and it beats the poop
      chunks out of Command & Conquer. This game is GOOD!!! As an added bonus,
      Cavedog (the makers) release new units and structures for the game WEEKLY!
      Not that there isn't enough units already. There are over 75 units and
      structures for each side. For every unit in Tiberian Sun, there are 10 for
      Total Annihilation. Not to mention that TA has navy units (a lot of them)
      and sructures you can build on top of water. Those structures include plasma
      cannons, laser towers, and other defenses. Fore more cool info, go to
      www.totalannihilation.com. Look at the units in particular. In the downloads

      2) The fate of this port will decide whether Tiberian Sun and other great PC
      games will be ported to the Macintosh.

      So buy this game! For yousrelf, for your fellow Mac users, and most
      importantly for all those other really kickass games that we want for the

      Everyone's favorite Mac Evangelist,

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