06 July 1999

Oompah: Rebuutal to CD


first of all, the comment you 'almost' like losing was a compliment. Meaning that when you lose you like to learn from it and it gives you a challenge, something which is hard to come by in wchat unless you play
one of the top guys. I guess you didn't get my point. 2ndly I finished w/ 950 pts at the time the tourney ended. I kept playing anyways after 3pm and noreaga1 dc'd me and I hit escape rather than wait the countdown out and I got the loss so it dropped me down, but it was academic anyway since 'Gunfire' a player I have never seen on or who would never join me (I had a made game open all day long) got 400 pts the last day to pass me & of course Vted DQ'd me anyways, at any rate that wasn't important. And yes CD you mixed unitted (?) me when I was playing w/ a name I had recently made which got banned also. I stopped worrying about who is who anymore, since so many people had been banned, I was just playing to play. Sorry if you didn't know it was me, but I thwarted your mixed unit strike easily by killing your harvesters and picking off your tanks as they came acrossed the maps. I used mostly bikes and tank turrets. But Kudos on your effort it was closer than I expected. You shouldn't be so defensive all the time CD. You used to be a really cool guy, until you got caught up in win giving and all that stuff.


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