24 June 1999

Oompah: rebuttal to bowserman

Hey Bowser, you know that when we said those things we didn't mean guys like you. We meant like Babkuzy, noreaga1, c0mmander, etc... guys who you know damn well that you have no change of winning against, because either #1 they will resign under 3 if their engi/helli attack fails or #2 they will only play 20 min BT or straight and narrow and even under the circumstance that you do manage a way to start winning the game they will DC anyways. Last month Babkuzy was about to lose to me after he broke his own BT so he dc'd and I got the loss. And if I had points for every guy whose chinock or helli attacked failed then they resigned well I'd have had 1200 pts. All I am saying is this, guys that wont take the time to learn all the strats and all the maps will never win. You see it every month a gimicky player goes to #1 then falls down after the good players start playing. I hope all those new players get really good, but to be good you must be well rounded like we are. Which means engaging us in long games on various maps. A player like Redchaser constantly improves because he plays us, loses then tries again. That's how I did it and thats how all of the other really good players on here did it. No skey, no DC, no ONE MAP, no HT, no BT, just play and learn.


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