30 June 1999

Oompah: Premature Death

I guess now that I quit playing and ladder has become a joke I can let loose a little bit.  Masta was right, not every apsect of c&c is dead, I have absolutely had a wonderful time the last few months playing my GREEN ACRES expansion.  It was a very old KALI strat that sort of got lost lost once UTAH took over on KALI.  There's nothing more satisfying than holding off a straight rush on GA and having your opponent swearing to god you have a money cheat.  You can expand from every single spot on GA and I have beaten all of the top guys with it from even the bottom left spot, but I will warn you it is a very tricky strat from certain spots.  If you guys think C&C is dead then try the GA expansion, once you get it down it's a blast.  I have even beaten CD when i allowed him to mix unit me, so you may want to think twice before saying there's nothing left to do in C&C...maybe I'll write up a strategy manual and let you guys go to it...maybe ;)


Do me a favor and send me that tactic so I can publish it.

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