21 June 1999

Oompah: The elite and the young guns

Hey Macmark,

Oompah here.  I have 2 opions of what c&c is all currently about.  There are a few really good players left who play a little.  Guys like CD who really enjoy it and almost like losing, it gives them a challenge.  Rock is innovative and likes to try playing 'outside of the box' as well.  Rquiem is totally dominating things from what I see.  Last month no one even came close to touching me or cmdrCD.  Mastablue won the month before that.  Pieman is well typical Pieman he never loses.  So Haduken is right, the veteran brigade is still the elite.  We can still dominate and furthermore we can play a wide variety of maps, we don't DC, we don't skey.  But I will tell you this about new 'young guns' on wchat.  Last month I got 950 pts as CCavenger.  It doesn't bother me when a low ranked guy DC's or whatever, but almost all of the other top 10 guys DC'd me.  That's not too mention the overwhelming use of Skey by many of these players as well.  Throw on top of that that I had to always play their settings which were not negoitable.  You have players now with little skill, no flexibility w/ the maps and a pension to skey every unit of the screen.  Atleast a dozen of the top 50 accused me of having a money cheat??  I mean come on guys, you people out there who are up & comers need to take your lumps, don't skey, learn new maps and then I'll say c&c has some life left in it, until then the tournaments out there are ours for the taking, if we decide we want them. In summation C&C is dying and we still are the elite.


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